New Pack, Same 1g Sugar Snack

Munk Pack has a brand new look,
with the same wildly delicious taste.

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Not a Low Calorie Food. See Nutrition Panel for Fat Content.

1g SUGAR •
2-4g NET CARBS •


Granola Bars

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Nut & Seed Bars

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The BEST tasting bars on the planet!

I love that I can eat these and be satisfied without all the sugar and carbs that most other brands have. I am in love.

Ono F.

Literally all I want to eat all day

The nut and seed bars are glorious...I want these in every flavor and combo. They are crunchy and chewy and flavorful. Just delightful.

Stephanie V.

We are customers for life!

The flavor of these amazing treats is right on! My husband says they taste like dessert. I agree. We are customers for life!

Jennifer A.

Amazing taste that won’t crack your teeth!

Amazing taste that won’t crack your teeth! FINALLY! A keto snack that is not hard as a rock AND tastes amazing. My downfall on this diet is my sweet tooth. Eating these solves everything!


Unbeatable for taste and texture

I have wasted a lot of money on inedible keto friendly bars. These are unbeatable for taste and texture.

Kathleen S.


These keto friendly granola bars are incredible. Just like a Chewy bar, but without the carbs, and BETTER FLAVOR!! For real. Size, ingredients and macros ON POINT for a low carb lifestyle!!

Maria N

About Munk Pack

Somewhere along the way, snacking became hard. To the point where finding something actually nutritious and satisfying became a DIY mission. Which is how Munk Pack was born – from a passion for creating snacks that are legit low sugar yet wildly delicious, without any artificial ingredients or aftertaste. Because snacking shouldn’t feel like a compromise, it should be fun!

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Our passion for snacks that are both nutritious and wildly delicious has taken us to an exciting new space, where snacking without added sugar feels that much more inspiring, adventurous and fun...And we wanted to make sure our branding reflects this! Rest assured, while Chippy may have found new territory to play, what you’ll find inside the wrapper is the same satisfying 1g sugar snack we all love.

Most of the nutrition facts and ingredients did not change, but all nutrition info and ingredients are shared in the images on each product page.

Note that the nutrition facts and ingredients shown on our website may differ from what you find in your delivery. Please refer to the actual packaging for current information for this product.

All of our Granola Bars contain 1g sugar.

Though most of our Nut & Seed Bars contain less than 1g sugar and this is what's on the Nutrition Panel, we decided to simplify our messaging to "1g sugar" so we can more easily communicate the low sugar content in our products with our community.

All of our bars are still keto-friendly and are now even Keto Certified! The Keto Certified logo is printed on all of our new packaging.

You can find our bars in retailers throughout the country like Kroger, Sprouts, Walmart, Publix, Wegmans..and many more! To find the Munk Pack retailer closest to you, check out our Store Locator.

If we’re not in a store near you yet, you can get your Munk Pack fix via our online store or on Amazon.

Please note that we do not ship outside of the US at this time.

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