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These taste okay, but they really aren't my favorite. They had a bland taste to them.


A friend put me on to these bars…Delicious Keto bars and doesn’t have bad aftertaste like a lot of the other brands that I have tried!

Delicious snack

I ordered the variety pack. Every flavor was great. Hard to pick a favorite. Perfect for satisfying the sweet tooth but without the carbs. Will be ordering more.

Seedy, Nutty, and Sweet

These make a great snack or breakfast. Great tasting and satisfyingly toothsome.

My favorite of the nut and seed bars

The macadamia white chocolate bar is the best of all the bars! The white chocolate just melts in your mouth for a delicious treat. I love it!

Love this product

What a healthy, filling snack. I love the low sugar content. It most definitely has NO adverse impact on the taste.

Diabetic’s snack

I found out in the past six months that I was diabetic. Although I changed my lifestyle, I found that sometimes I need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. This is a great treat at only 2 net carbs.

Deliscious and satisfying. Will order again

Variety pack

Yum!! Love all of them!!



Salt Dark Chocolate Nut&Seed Bar

I liked it very much combination of flavors and tasty great. I have it for snack and fill up for a couple hours.


I love these bars. They are good when you need a boost or a snack only 1gram of sugar a plus too..a bit pricey but quality so I'm willing to pay a bit more

Coconut Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, 24-Count

Fantastic bars

These are really delicious. I eat one every day! Low carbs and high in energy!

My favorite flavor

The coconut texture is very satisfying. The chocolate chips across the top of the bar give you some chocolate in every bite. IMO, this is Munk Pack’s best flavor.

Always great!

Love em!

Great product

Just what I needed to help wi tn h my weight lost goal .

pricey, but tastes good

Great Taste

These are my go-to snack bars. The taste is awesome and the best part 1g of sugar.

Tasty and healthy - love them!

Best bar in town

I eat these instead of candy or sweets, just a better and tasty alternative