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Best bars!

Munk Pack Nut & Seed bars are my new favorite! The textures and flavors are fantastic!

Bars are delicious and very low carb!! Yeah a nice delicious treat to reward yourself with your doing good!’n

I love these snacks

Best snack bar I’ve ever tasted!

My Favorite Protein Cookies

I absolutely love these cookies as a pre-workout snack or just when I'm feeling for a cookie. I'm very sad these are being discontinued because there is truly nothing on the market like these.

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate is our favorite KETO Bar!!!

Evening reward...

This wonderful protein cookie is my reward at the end of a busy day. Thank you MUNK PACK!


I’m no longer on a keto diet but I still order breakfast bars from Munk Pack. I like the idea of low sugar granola bars for breakfast since regular granola bars usually contain 9g of sugar or more. There is no aftertaste like some low sugar bars have. I’ve been enjoying these bars for over a year now and they have been worth it.

I will definitely come back for more!

I love anything to do with peanut butter and I had to give this a try. It's the best thing ever. I love it a lot and will definitely come back for more. Keep it coming, Munk Pack!

I love these protein cookies!

My favorite and I’ve tried SO many bars and cookies! I love these!

Cookie Reviews

Excellent tasting cookies


I recently start a Keto diet and discovered these bars. Yummy yum yum! I will continue to order these even after I’ve met my weight loss goals.

Mink Pack Oatmeal Cookie

Guilt free snacking with this high protein cookie! Great with coffee for an afternoon treat!

Excellent trail bars for hiking

Great for backpacking. I'm a Type 2 diabetic. These bars taste great and don't spike my blood sugar. I highly recommend them.

These are the best Keto snack bars I’ve ever had, bar none. My biggest problem is limiting myself to one per day!

The perfect bar!

Love them because they are keto, taste great and have a soft and chewy texture that satisfies my dessert cravings!

Everything was perfect!

I love all the flavors will def be ordering again

Satisfying for the sweet tooth with protein!

Will be ordering this again!

These Bars Are Utterly Awesome

I absolutely love these bars. They taste great, are filled with healthier ingredients, and are absolutely low in sugar. I highly recommend them.

Tastes like a brownie!

This protein cookie is pure heaven! Soft, moist, chewy with rich chocolate taste. Delicious and very satisfying as a healthy snack whether I’m at work in the office or out on a hiking trail! Thanks Munk Pack!

Love Oatmeal Raisin

Flavorful and moist. Perfect w my morning coffee.

Almost like eating a Mounds bar

Really tastes like a Mounds candy bar. Does not taste like healthy low carb- real treat.

Best keto bars ever

I have tried quite a few keto bars, and these are hands down my favorite. I always grab one when I’m in a hurry, need an snack, and don’t have time to eat. They are also the perfect snack that goes well with an afternoon latté.