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Protein Cookie Variety Pack, 6-Pack *Free Shipping*



*Not low sugar or low carb. Not a keto-friendly product.

Our protein cookies are soft and chewy, but not too sweet, making them a great snack for any time of day whether you need a protein boost post workout or just an anytime better-for-you, sweet snack.

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The Variety Pack of Munk Pack Protein Cookies come in a 6 pack so you can share with friends or keep them all to yourself! 


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Protein Cookie Variety Pack, 6-Pack *Free Shipping*

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Best keto bar I have tasted

All flavors are great, and my body feels good after I eat them (I have a verysensitive gut). I’ve tried more brands than I’ll admit to trying to find a convenient snack that sustains me, is healthy, and tastes good, and MUNK PACK is the clear winner. Clean ingredients and great taste for the win!

Lynn C.

Ingredients with
a purpose

Close up of peanut butter

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a natural source of protein and is a good source of healthy fats. it’s also an excellent source of potassium and provides you with heart-healthy vitamins like folate, vitamin E, magnesium and resveratrol.

Close up of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

One of our favorite good-for-you ingredients, dark chocolate contains flavanols, which are phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Close up of brown rice

Brown rice

Our blend of brown rice protein and pea protein is a complete source of protein that provides you with all 9 essential amino acids.


Our protein cookies serve as an alternative to energy bars, which are typically 40 grams per serving. In order to meet FDA regulations regarding serving sizes, we are required to list no less than 2 servings per container, as our cookies are 84g each

Our Protein Cookies contain 16g protein! The protein comes from their peanut butter base and a blend of brown rice protein and pea protein.

Our Protein Cookies contain less sugar than similar products, but they are not keto and are not low carb. If you are looking for keto-friendly snacks, we recommend checking out our Keto Granola Bars and Keto Nut & Seed Bars.

All of them! Peanut butter is the base for all of our Protein Cookies because it is a natural source of protein and is a good source of healthy fats. A cheaper and more common option is enriched wheat flour, which has little to no nutritional value and is not gluten free.

Of our Protein Cookies, only the Coconut White Chip Macadamia contains palm oil in the white chips. Palm oil is also a small component in some of our keto bars.

We require our suppliers to only use palm oil that is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO lists one of its most important criteria as:  “no primary forests or areas which contain significant concentrations of biodiversity (e.g. endangered species) or fragile ecosystems, or areas which are fundamental to meeting basic or traditional cultural needs of local communities (high conservation value areas), can be cleared.” You can learn more about the RSPO and their certification process here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
Shabral Hunter Pruett
Healthy and Delicious

Thank you for making such healthy and delicious food, with no junk or fillers. I appreciate you!

John Rauscher
The best hi protein snack!

Munk Pack Protein coolies are the best! Moist dense and full of flavor!

Steve M
terrific product

the taste and quality of the product is excellent.

delivery packaging could use a lot of help. it is not an inviting experience when the box is opened. it looks kind of like an eBay amateur presentation, maybe its because they are a startup. if they can fix that they should do very well

Tina Schmidt
These were hearty protein filled cookies. We love them. Thank you

Good cookies, substantiative and nourishing

Marcus G.
Protein Cookie Goodness

I'm always looking for protein cookies/bars to bring to work for a quick boost before my shift. This 6 pack does the trick for me. Great taste, different flavors, and small enough to fit in my backpack to eat on the go. Definitely plan on buying these again!