Munk Pack Apparel


Are you passionate about living the Munk Pack lifestyle? Let the world know with Munk Pack apparel. Our unisex tees are designed to help you show your love for Munk Pack. Super soft and comfortable t-shirts from Munk Pack feature the Munk Pack logo on the chest. Shirts are available in sizes XS-2XL in green and grey. 

Munk Pack apparel is designed to be casual and versatile to support your active lifestyle. We believe that your world is what you make it. Everything we create at Munk Pack, whether it’s our Keto Bars, Protein Cookies, or Munk Pack apparel, is made of high quality ingredients and materials. Our mission is to empower people to lead active, healthy lifestyles on the go. Munk Pack apparel supports this while reinforcing our core values: integrity, health, compassion, innovation, and adventure. 

We believe that wellness is a lifestyle. Munk Pack apparel is a small piece of the puzzle in our work towards respect for people and the planet. We live by the standard that us humans have a moral commitment to quality. That’s why our Keto Snack Bars, Protein Cookies, and even our apparel are made to empower you from the inside out. You can feel good about the snacks you eat and the clothes you wear when you do it with Munk Pack. Check back soon to see new products and apparel and add Munk Pack tees to your order today!